Merino Collection

A natural resource from a breed called merino sheep that can be found most commonly in Australia and New Zealand. One sheep can grow about 4 to 5 pounds of wool each year, making it a renewable fiber.

Every Merino wool fiber has a waxy coating called Lanolin, which helps wick moisture away from your body, and act as a safeguard against odor-causing bacteria.

Thanks to Merino’s antibacterial properties, you can travel for weeks without ever having to wash.

Merino wool is simultaneously breathable and insulating, keeping you warm when it’s cold and staying cool, dry and comfortable when it’s hot out.

Each Merino wool fiber resembles a tight coiled spring, which when pulled recoils back into shape. It’s this elasticity that gives our Merino clothes their luxurious-feeling stretch.

Because of Merino’s moisture-wicking ability, you’ll be dry and comfortable before you know it, ready to move quickly.

Natural, sustainable, and biodegradable

Stretch Merino Sleeveless Turtleneck
USD $160.00