What’s So Technical About A Bucket Hat?

What’s so technical about a bucket hat?

The Technical T1 doesn’t have night vision, GPS targeting, or bluetooth alerts. But we think you’ll be astonished by how much tech actually went into this version of our Iconic T1.

Let’s start with the fabric. The material we used for the Technical T1 is extremely lightweight, perhaps a quarter of the original T1, and waterproof to 10,000mm without harmful chemicals (no PFCs here). That means the fabric itself won’t absorb water and gain weight when you’re out there. The shape is resilient so you can shove it into almost any pack without creasing it. Give it a quick shake and your hat is ready to go. The Technical T1 is also bluesign® certified so the entire textile value chain of this fabric reduces the impact on people and the planet.

For temperature regulation, the Technical T1 has a  mesh lining that maximizes airflow, a moisture wicking stretch sweatband and subtle rubberized eyelets provide for the perfect amount of ventilation while giving the Technical T1 its own sense of style.

The Technical T1 has a specialized removable bungee windcord and, the cherry on top,  a clever and functional loop to hang your hat. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

While others might think the Technical T1 is just a great looking bucket hat, you know better.

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