Not Your Grandfather’s Wool Socks


You may have had a grandfather that wouldn’t leave the house without his trusty wool socks. You may also remember them being thick, stiff, itchy and plain ugly. But granddad knew there was magic in wool, and we're bringing that to a new whole level with our Merino Wool socks from Tilley.

Tilley merino wool socks are naturally odour resistant and wick moisture away. We’ve designed them with a cushion foot and elastic arch to provide the ultimate comfort and support for all day wear. Regardless how much you put your feet through, these socks are luxuriously soft and will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable all day, everywhere. 


Special Offer

Buy two or more socks or underwear and you’ll save 20%, so pick some up for grandpa too. You may even find he’s less grouchy with Tilley Merino Wool socks.