Let the wind blow.

Let the wind blow.

Sailors know a thing or two about wind and have learned to respect its power. That’s why we have a unique, two strap wind cord, specifically designed to combat the wind. The strap goes below your chin and behind your head. The strap then loops through the hat in the middle so when you cinch the cord snug, it keeps your Tilley aligned on your head. This dramatically reduces the wind’s ability to steal your hat. 

Whether the wind blows from the front, side or back, the wind will need to be extremely strong and  persistent in order to snatch your Tilley. That’s not to say the wind won’t succeed on occasion. For that, our heritage hats are also buoyant, so you can retrieve it before it sinks. The wind might have won that time, but you still have your Tilley.

The wind is unpredictable. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the seven seas or walking your pet through the neighbourhood, you’re ready for the wind with the unique Tilley dual wind cord.

Let the wind blow (and don’t lose your hat with it).