Bamboo Is More Than Panda Food

We're always on the lookout for amazing new materials to create amazing new products. From hard wearing flooring and utensils to luxurious blankets and throws, bamboo is a sustainable "super textile".

But don’t worry, we’re not taking food out of the panda’s mouth.

Bamboo is technically a grass, an extremely fast growing grass, with some types growing to over 18 metres tall in just 90 days. That means it replaces itself wickedly fast, takes less energy, and uses less water to grow. It also tastes nasty to insects and is resistant to many pathogens so no pesticides and fungicides aren’t needed.

That’s pretty amazing, for a grass and while laying on grass can be comfortable, it’s really the fibres that make bamboo so soft. Bamboo fibres are long, smooth, and rounded without requiring additional processing. With smoother, more comfortable fibres, products made of bamboo are naturally softer than other textiles. 















Bamboo is naturally resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria so it’s odour resistant. It’s also hypo-allergenic which is a necessary part of life for anyone with sensitivities. It can be machine washed in cold water (without fabric softener since those are designed for other materials and bamboo doesn’t need it). You’ll also find it doesn’t wrinkle nearly as much as other textiles. 

Super luxurious, super soft, and super easy to care for, you’ll love our bamboo sheets just as much as pandas love their bamboo snacks. Heck, add our oversized bamboo throws for a little luxury.